Mango Restaurant: The Ideal place for Authentic Indian Food

Right after you’ve been on the Bollywood tour in Gstaad, you’re in the mood for some Dal Makhni or even Chicken tikka. But where do you find this in a foreign land?

Mango restaurant! The restaurant is situated on a quiet and cozy street on Viktoriastrasse, Gstaad. This restaurant is one to satisfy your Indian food cravings and why is that? Ranging from flavorful biriyanis soft and delicious naans with smooth and spiced gravies, this place serves it all. There are other branches that are present in various parts of Switzerland like SCHÖNRIED, Glacier 3000, and our very own Gstaad.

Mango, Gstaad:
In this piece, we shall talk about the experience of Mango in Gstaad. The restaurant started not long ago, in 2017, and has since then become the neighbourhoods favourite. Mango curate’s delectable Indian dishes with a European twist to each. As the saying goes, a good chef isn’t someone who designs and crafts recipes with complicated ingredients but one that uses the simplest of ingredients to something spectacular. Mango does exactly that for your taste buds. With a fine blend of homemade spices and healthy recipes.

Mango Restaurant at Gstaad has also won the TripAdvisor Traveller’s Choice 2020, so you already know this is the real deal.

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Catering at Mango:
Let’s say you’re planning an intimate wedding and you really want to give your guests the best, Mango takes care of that too. Be it corporate events that include small meetings, lunches, dinners, or even coffee breaks, the restaurant takes care of your needs to the end. They also run smooth outdoor catering services that bring you authentic and wholesome Indian food to give your guests a delightful and fulfilling experience.

At Mango, everything is done from the heart and it resonates in the flavor of the food to its quality too. That’s why Mango’s catering services go way beyond just smooth operations but also a satisfying experience. The restaurant is packed with everything you need to serve about 200 guests.

Mango Restaurant at Gstaad

Mango is an Indian restaurant in Gstaad, that not only serves lip-smacking Indian delicacies, but also a fine variety of desserts too. Ranging from sweet and indulgent apple strudels, nutty pecan pies to Indian desserts like Rasmalai too. You also get fresh cold-pressed juices here like orange juice and a recipe of their own called Greens come true! And if you’re still not spoilt for choice, you also have good ol’ lassies and milkshakes to wash it all down. Basically, Mango is any homesick Indian’s rescue and the best place to start trying Indian food in Gstaad.

On the contrary, the Mango Restaurant is one that is an experience overall. The restaurant is a piece of Indian heritage and culture carried all from India to the heart of a beautiful village in Gstaad. From a warm and cozy ambiance at the restaurant to setting up beautiful outdoor gatherings with unforgettable flavors, Mango is truly a mélange of all things good and delightful.

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