5 Best Indian Restaurants in Switzerland

Indian food is not always all about Chicken Tikka masala, although we have clearly mastered it over time. The cuisine is a mélange of so many indulgent gastronomical elements it almost is like a rush of new and distinctive flavors in every bite.

A few elements you really want to look for and try out are the varied choices of Indian bread like naans, rumalis, kulchas, pavs, and our personal favorite parathas! The others are different kinds of sabzis. These are basically any vegetarian’s aphrodisiac. It is a mixture of greens, beans, lentils, and sometimes even pulses all mixed together with ground spices and herbs. Hungry much?

So, now the next question is where and what to try. This is a piece about the famous Indian restaurants in various parts of the world. Here we will cover how to find them and what to try when you’re there.
Without further ado…

Let’s dig in!

Mango Indian Restaurant, Gstaad.
Trying to beat the cold winters with some good soulful Indian food? This is it. The restaurant has many branches across Switzerland but the one in Gstaad is your closest one after the Bollywood tour. Mango is an Indian restaurant that’s in the heart of the quiet and beautiful village of Gstaad. This restaurant has won the TripAdvisor Traveller’s Choice Award in 2020. The chefs and the staff are super friendly here and the food is to die for! While you’re in Switzerland, the Indian restaurant at Gstaad should be on your list for sure.

Ranging from our very own Chicken Tikka Masala along with rich and healthy authentic breads to delicious curries and even Rasmalai and lassi, this place gives you the best Indian Food experience ever.

A must-try here is the Chicken Tikka of course, and the thalis and fresh-pressed juices!

BOMBAY, Geneva:

The land of creative arts and a global center for diplomacy, owing to the numerous international organizations and many agencies of the UN and red cross. This beautiful city nestled among the Alps and Jura Mountains has something just for you. BOMBAY! The most loved and treasured restaurant in Geneva. This is one place you know you’re going to find Indian food in Switzerland. From the good ol’ and delicious Chicken Biryani to Karahi Lamb that’s prepared with spices and lemon juice and tomatoes, you are in for a treat!


Situated in Zurich in the picturesque lanes of Alstadt, the Malabar restaurant is another gem that you must try. If south Indian food is something you’re trying out for the first time or even love, we give you Malabar! Inspired by the culinary tradition of the Malabar Region in India the restaurant adopted the name and brought the magic from the coast to the alps. As the theme is coastal, their specialties include Fish Malabari, Chettinad Fish cooked in banana leaves, and Takkali Prawn curry.


While in Zurich visit Namaste Oerlikon and be sure to do so because you’re in for a treat! The restaurant is having a wide range of traditional Indian dishes with distinctive tastes. Each of the dishes on the menu is carefully curated with the freshest of the freshest ingredients for a delightful dining experience. The restaurant uses a clay oven for authentic Tandoori tastes and flavors. The restaurant not just spoils you with delicious nonvegetarian delicacies but also with a detailed Vegan and Vegetarian Menu too.

Finally, Little Indian Restaurant. One of the finest places where you can find good Indian food in Switzerland. All the way from Tandoori dishes to lavish and healthy Vegetarian Dishes, this Little Indian Restaurant has it all. This 16-year-old restaurant has a charming and rustic Indian ambiance. This is also the famous dining place for many Bollywood stars. The restaurant has a very friendly staff and the chefs here curate every recipe and craft every dish with love. This resonates in the rich aroma and wholesome flavor in every bite. The restaurant also serves Indian desserts too and their must-tries are the Kulfis, the Suji Halwa, and the Mango Ice cream for sure.

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